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Politicians hide behind civilians

By Vairis Godmanis on Friday, June 26, 2020

The United States plans to transfer the command of the 5th Corps of the U.S. Army from Kentucky to Poland and 30 American F-16 fighters from Germany to the eastern borders of NATO. In addition, the United States is redeploying to Poland not one thousand, as mentioned earlier, but two thousand American troops. In addition to these measures, the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in Poland has been publicly discussed…

Typhoons scrambled twice in one day to intercept Russian aircraft

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Typhoon fighter jets operating from Ämari Air Base in Estonia launched twice on Tuesday 25th June to intercept Russian military aircraft flying close to (but not inside) Estonian airspace. Typhoons first intercepted a Russian military transport aircraft before later intercepting two Russian Flanker fighters and another military transport aircraft. This is a routine mission for the Typhoons conducting NATO enhanced Air Policing, providing reassurance that the UK is working in…

French troops deployed in Paris amid ‘yellow vest’ protest

Saturday, December 8, 2018

French troops have been deployed in Paris to support riot police shielding official buildings from “yellow vest” anti-government protests. Hundreds of military trucks and armored vehicles arrived in the suburbs of Paris on the threshold of a large-scale action from the organizers of the protest, which is planned for this Saturday. Across France, 89,000 police officers will be on duty and armoured vehicles will be deployed in the capital, Prime…