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Lithuania hopes cross-border workers in Latvia will be exempt from isolation

Friday, September 4, 2020

As Latvia plans to introduce mandatory self-isolation for people coming from Lithuania, Lithuanian Interior Minister Rita Tamašunienė hopes to agree an exceptions for people going to Latvia for work. “We will ask for these exceptions that we now have with Poland. We have an exception for people going for work or agriculture-related reasons as we have [cross-]border farmers,” Tamašunienė told reporters on Thursday. “I also believe we will manage to…

Cross-border operation busts suspected illicit metal traders in Lithuania and Germany

Friday, November 22, 2019

Lithuanian and German law enforcement detained 30 suspects in operation targeting illicit traders in precious metals, with over 1 million euros seized in cash. “Coordinated measures have been taken in Germany and Lithuania […] officers have seized 1.03 million euros in cash,” Darius Valkavičius, a chief prosecutor at the regional prosecutor’s office in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city, told reporters on Thursday. The investigation is being carried out in cooperation with…