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Activist Latushko: Views of neighbours matter to Belarusians

Friday, September 4, 2020

The views of neighbours matter a lot to Belarusians, Pavel Latushko, from the presidium of the Belarusian opposition’s Coordination Council, said in Vilnius on Friday. Latushko said his trips to Poland and Lithuania were aimed at providing first-hand information about the developments in Belarus. “As a member of the presidium of the Coordinating Council, which was practically formed at Belarusian society’s initiative, I have the goal of informing you about…

Tikhanovskaya seeks talks with government, not Lukashenko

Friday, August 21, 2020

The Belarusian opposition seeks talks with the government, and not the authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko, according to Anna Krasulina, spokeswoman of Svetlana Tychanovskaya. “We didn’t really expect a dialogue with him,” Krasulina, who’s in the Lithuanian capital together with Tikhanovskaya, told on Thursday evening. Tikhanovskaya was the main challenger to Alexander Lulashenko in the August 9 presidential election. She arrived in Lithuania shortly after the vote. Lithuanian officials previously  said she…