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Latvian citizen accused of attempt to recruit State Security Service official for spying

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The State Security Service (VDD) has asked the prosecutor’s office to launch criminal prosecution against a Latvian citizen for attempting to recruit a VDD official for spying for Russian special services, LETA learned from VDD. VDD calls on the prosecutor’s office to hold this person responsible for  illegal collecting of non-disclosable information for the purposes of transferring it or transferring thereof to a foreign state or foreign organisation, either directly…

New amendments attempt to regulate electric scooter traffic

Friday, December 27, 2019

The amendments won’t significantly restrict electric scooter use. The proposed changes define electric scooters as a form of transport, which doesn’t have pedals, is meant for one person and has a steering wheel or handlebars. The scooters won’t be allowed to exceed 25mph or be driven on streets, only on the sidewalk, bike lanes and in parks. 14 will be the minimum age for drivers, who will also be required…

Message to NATO: Don’t forget the Black Sea and the Balkans

By Stephen Blank on Monday, January 21, 2019

In February, NATO’s Defense Ministers will convene a ministerial conference and in April they will do so for Foreign Ministers. These meetings should reassess the importance of the Black Sea and the Balkans’ strategic importance, especially in light of recent events.  These events comprise the recent Kerch Strait incident, the revelations of Russian-backed coups in Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro, to prevent the governments in Podgorica and Skopje from joining NATO…