Syrian military uncovers large quantity of NATO-made weapons in Douma

A mine-clearing operation saw hundreds of explosives being laid out in Douma on Wednesday, following the city’s liberation from Jaysh al-Islam militants.

According to the Russian Reconciliation Centre for Syria, Syrian sappers have so far detected and defused a total of 1.2 thousand mines, 1.5 tonnes of explosive material and four thousand home-made explosive devices.

The centre also reported that an arsenal left behind by militants included landmines with the markings of manufacturers of NATO-member countries.

Douma’s demining process is expected to take at least three months from start to finish, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides in Syria said.

The Russian Defence Ministry has stated that the evacuation of more than 21,000 militants and their family members concluded on April 13.

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