Survey: Latvian residents enjoyed 2018 more than 2017

31% of interviewed respondents believe 2018 was better than 2017. Only 13% believe it was worse, according to results of a survey performed by SKDS last December.

At the end of the year, 31% of respondents said 2018 was better for them personally than 2017. Only 13% said it was worse. 52% of respondents said it was the same.

«Feedback from residents is slightly more positive than it was the previous year. In 2017, 30% viewed it as more positive than the year prior and 14% viewed it as more negative. Overall, results from the end of 2018 are the most positive in the past decade,» SKDS representatives say.

Historically the year residents believe to have had been the worst for them personally was 2009, when only 9% said it was more positive for them than the previous year, whereas 60% viewed it as more negative, according to SKDS.

SKDS representatives say 2008 and 2010 were also grim, when 18% and 16% viewed respective years as better than the last, whereas 38% and 32% believed they were worse than the last.

Historically the best year, according to survey results was 2004, when 35% of respondents personally believed 2014 was better than the last, as well as 2006, when 34% of respondents said the year was better than the last. When compared to the end of 2018, there were more residents who believed the year was worse than the last for them (22% and 16% respectively), authors of the study say.

1,017 respondents aged 18 to 75 years took part in the survey.

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