Survey: 66% of travellers avoid areas at risk of terrorist attacks and natural disasters


When travelling, most Latvian residents always try to avoid destinations suffering from armed conflicts or natural catastrophes, SIA Latvia Tours representative comments on information from Latvia Tours Travel Index.

Every fifth respondent said this information does not apply to them.

The index shows that 72% of interviewed women said they avoid destinations with threats of terrorism or natural disasters when planning their travel. 60% of men are worried about subject. 24% of respondents say those risks do not worry them.

«We often see that women are more careful with their choice of destinations and travel planning. Index data also proves this. If residents travel with children, the caution levels only increase further,» explains SIA Latvia Tours Director Ieva Keiša.

«Countries that have high risks of terrorist attacks usually guard tourist areas. We always urge travellers to not leave those areas. We also advise travellers to avoid crowded areas,» adds the travel agency’s director.

The index shows that among youngsters aged 18-24 there are fewer people who try avoiding regions at risk of uprising or armed conflicts – only 56% of travellers of this age group are worried about such risks. 29% of people from this group believe this information does not apply to them.

Residents aged 45-54 are the most cautious travellers: 73% of them avoid regions with high risk of armed conflicts or natural disasters.

Looking at results based on occupancy reveals that Riga residents are the most cautious when it comes to picking travel destinations – 73% actively avoid destinations with high risk of terrorist attacks or natural disasters. The ratio of such residents reaches 67% in other cities and 60% in the countryside.

1,002 respondents aged 18 to 74 from all across Latvia participated in the study, which took place in October 2018. Latvia Tours Travel Index compiles information about the mood of Latvian residents, as well as their opinion towards different aspects of travel. The survey was performed by Latvia Tours in cooperation with SKDS.

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