Step by step: leather drum

The sound of drums is known in nearly all cultures. Drums excite, cheer up and calm down. Ilze and Sergejs from Amata have mastered the art of making drums out of animal hide and shared their skill with Latvian Television program “Pūra lāde” (The Dowry Chest).

Ilze and Sergejs Bušujevi from Amata, coming from the city, have found peace and harmony in the country environment of the Amata County.

They run drum-making masterclasses and help reveal the mystery of drums for everyone interested.

Ilze and Sergejs can be contacted by calling 29456485 or through  Facebook  .

The masters create drums from animal hide. The drums are used for playing music or simply feeling the vibration and sound. Creation process of a drum establishes a special link between the human and the drum, the instrument fills up with energy and love.

Drums release tension for hot-blooded hearts and provide energy for slow-paced minds.

There are several ways to get hold of suitable hide. The easiest is to befriend a hunter. Preparation of the hide to make drums is a whole other story but an experienced hunter will tell you how the skin needs to be cured so that it can be properly cleaned from fur. If fur is not removed, the sound of drums will be more hollow.


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