SRS requests commencement of criminal process for smuggling of narcotics

Latvia’s State Revenue Service has requested commencement of criminal prosecution of a case revolving around smuggling of narcotics in postal packages, as BNN was informed by the service.

«SRS Tax and Customs Police has combined a criminal case from 2016 with fourteen other criminal processes launched in relation to smuggling of narcotics in postal packages from Netherlands. A 1982-born Latvian citizen was stated as the recipient in all of those criminal processes. During the investigation, this man was made a suspect,» as reported by SRS.

Investigators determined that the suspect received a total of fifteen packages that contained narcotic and psychotropic substances such as MDMA, 3-MMC, cocaine and hashish. All substances were purchased by the suspect from illegal websites. Latvian Post was used to deliver packages containing said substances.

SRS notes that searches had been performed in the suspect’s home. During the search, police officers found a large number MDMA pills, as well as items likely used to handle and prepare narcotics.

Initially the suspect was put under arrest. Later, however, the measure was changed to one not associated with deprivation of freedom.

SRS reminds that it is important to understand that postal services are controlled and that all restrictions regarding delivery of illegal goods over the country’s border apply to this sector.

«Smuggling of narcotics is very serious crime punishable with deprivation of freedom for up to five years, as well as community service, fine with or without confiscation of property,» SRS reminds.

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