Speed limit increasing to 110km/h on bigger roads


Beginning Wednesday, the Estonian Road Administration is increasing the speed limit on divided highways ahead of the summer season. This year, a speed limit of 110km/h will be in effect on a total of 145km of roads, while another 21km of roads will allow top speeds of 100km/h.

This year, the speed limit will be increased on 2+2 and 2+1 divided highways. A speed limit of 90km/h will remain in effect on 1+1 roads.

Since last year, a new, 8km span of the Tallinn Ring Road between Veneküla and Jüri will be added to those who will see their speed limits increased.

“Due to road safey considerations, we will not yet increase the speed limit on all 2+2 sections of roads,” explained Road Administration Traffic Control Centre official Siim Vaikmaa, adding that in these areas, a speed limit of 90km/h remains in effect.

“As the weather may yet be fickle in April, it is important to monitor weather and road conditions as well, and adjust one’s speed accordingly,” Mr Vaikmaa stressed. “The speed limit is an opportunity, not a requirement.”

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