Snow expected on weekends in Latvia; air temperature to drop considerably next week

Some precipitation is expected in Latvia at the end of this week and beginning of the next – mostly snow and wet snow, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

On Friday, 23 November, anticyclone activity will decline. Rain and wet snow is expected as a result. Roads may become slippery. The sky will be covered by a thick layer of clouds. Wind will draw in from the west. Air temperature will drop to -2° C at night in the country’s eastern parts, whereas daytime air temperature will be only a couple of degrees higher.

Meteorologists say cyclone activity will increase at the beginning of next week. Colder masses of air will be carried to Latvia from the north. Some precipitation in the form of wet snow and snow is expected. Roads will become slippery due to ice.

With slow north wind, air temperature at night will drop to -2° C… -7° C. Positive air temperature will remain only in some areas near the coast. Air temperature in western regions will stay within 0° C… +5° C (-2° C in the east).

Anticyclone activity will increase in the middle of next week. With that, precipitation will calm down and the sky will become clear. Cold continental air will continue flowing the Latvia from Europe’s north-east and east. Because of that, air temperature will drop to -10 C at night.

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