Slip some cowslip in the bag

The Primula veris, also known as the common cowslip, is in full bloom all over Latvia.

“The plant is great for your health, so it’s worth collecting some,” said Pharm.D Vija Eniņa.

You can collect just the yellow petals or the whole bunch of flowers. The leaves are also beneficial for health, containing a lot of vitamins and safely eaten in salads. It’s better to harvest leaves when the plant is not in bloom anymore, as they will have a higher concentration of vitamins – good news for those who have already missed the flower collection.

Spread the collected plants on paper (not newspaper) or clean cotton or linen fabric in a thin layer. Store in an aerated and shady place with no direct sunlight.

Cowslip infusion is used for cough relief, as well as urine-stimulation. Take one tablespoon of dried plant per glass of boiling water. Allow 30 minutes to an hour for infusion, sift and drink half a glass 3-4 times a day.

The best effect of herbal medicine is achieved when ingested over a course of time (10 to 14 consecutive days) and not mixed with other infusions.


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