Simple ‘trick’ helps women have longer and better orgasms – but you’ll need one important item

Sex may seem pretty straightforward on the surface, but doing the deed can actually be pretty complicated.

When you get down to it, you might soon discover that what works for you, doesn’t feel so good for your partner and vice versa.

And when it comes to pleasing the ladies, recent research has shown that up to 40 percent of women have difficulty reaching climax, while for others the Big O is achievable but is likely to be short and sweet.

However scientists think they may have stumbled across a new trick that will lead to longer and better orgasms for women. Yay!

So what’s the secret to increasing the length of an orgasm?

Surprisingly it’s actually really simple – all you have to do is add a sex toy into the mix.

According to, sex toy retailer Lovehoney discovered this little gem of information after commissioning a study into the ‘science of sex’.

The aim of the racy study was to find out what really happens (both mentally and physically) when a woman approaches orgasm with a sex toy, and without one.

And the results clearly found that a woman can orgasm faster and for 17 percent longer on average when she’s using a sex toy.

The brain patterns of 17 women were analysed by neuroscientists as they climaxed and they saw that the women’s Alpha brainwave levels dramatically increased when a sex toy (in this case, Lovehoney’s new Happy Rabbit range) was used.

Dr Nicole Prause, who was leading the study, said: “Our original hypothesis was that the Happy Rabbit would bring women to orgasm quicker than manual masturbation.

“However we found that women wanted to play, explore and enjoy their new toy, which resulted in a longer lasting sexual experience with broader physical sensations and more excitement than using their hand alone.”

So there you have it folks, time to invest in a new toy.



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