Significant capability in the armed forces – Polygon Safety Instructor

In order to successfully conduct military exercises, meeting safety requirements in a landfill is one of the basic conditions and it is assisted by the provision of specially trained soldiers – Range Controllers.

This year, two of the soldiers of the National Armed Forces provided security at the Grayling Polygon during a joint training course called “Northern Strike”, proving that Latvian soldiers not only train in training, but also provide significant support for the organization and implementation of this ambitious military training.

“I am responsible for airspace integration – this means that I am controlling that the air support controller complies with all safety requirements and barriers when carrying out air strikes in the landfill, including in order to follow a specific direction to the target, so that the airplane or helicopter is at the correct altitude . In short, I supervised that the training would take place in accordance with the rules of safety, “says Igor Nazarov, Sergeant for his duties.

In order to perform the duties of a safety instructor in a landfill, a soldier must undergo special training, pass an examination and be certified. This qualification can be obtained from the Air Assistant Controller and training takes place at the Gregg landfill in Michigan, USA. “We also use this knowledge in the Adazi landfill, applying the knowledge acquired in the US in the field of Latvian needs. In Northern Strike, however, we carry out security checks at Grayling Polygon to support US colleagues. Safety personnel is always needed – the more, the better – and we are very helpful here, “emphasizes Sergeant Nazarov.

From 4th to 18th August National Armed Forces soldiers and guardsmen take part in international studies “Northern Strike”, which takes place in Michigan, USA. Northern Strike is an annual joint land and air training exercise organized by the Michigan National Guard. The training is attended by about 5,000 soldiers from the United States, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Poland, Hungary and Germany.

The purpose of the training is to maintain and improve the combat readiness of the units, including by shooting the battle and integrating the joint fire support in the tasks of the land forces, as well as improving the cooperation between the Allied forces.

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