Shocking video: Lithuania may not worry about its safety

Lithuania may not worry about its safety when SUCH people defend it!

Lithuanian Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis recently told Defence News that “the deployment of the enhanced forward presence, or EFP, battalions in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have significantly reduced the risk of military conflict in the Baltic region.” It is known that Belgian troops are part of NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Lithuania. But their preparedness to defend this Baltic country is very special.

This video of Belgian Parade 2019 speaks for itself.

As a mockery looks also the statement of Lieutenant Colonel Peer Papenbroock, the commander of the rotation 2019/I of #eFP Battlegroup in Lithuania.

“My name is Lieutenant Colonel Peer Papenbroock. I’m the commander of the rotation 2019/I of #eFP Battlegroup. During the last six months of service the soldiers have become a strong team and we all learned a lot from each other. I’m very proud to be the commander of these tough men and women.

We have shown that we are able to deter, we are combat ready and we will defend Lithuania together with our partners against any potential aggressor.”

It is a very controversial statement, isn’t it?

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