Security Police: publication of KGB files could put at risk Latvia’s national security


Publication of KGB files «could cause risks for national security,» said Chief of Security Police Normunds Mežviets in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT on Wednesday, 26 September.

When asked to explain those risks, Mežviets referenced his colleague, Constitution Protection Bureau’s Director Jāņis Maizītis, who said that public access to KGB files could potentially society’s reduce trust in state security institutions.

«You have to understand that there are people in modern Latvia who had worked with state security institutions. This kind of information is secret and very sensitive. By agreeing to provide their support to state security institutions, people are given guarantees that this information will remain a secret forever. If we reveal information about people who had once cooperated with security services of a totalitarian state, this could discourage people from cooperating with state security institutions of their own country,» he explained.

As previously reported, Constitution Protection Bureau has sent a letter to Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee, saying that publication of KGB files on the internet could create certain risks, including reduced trust in security institutions. Information stored in those files may put at risk the interests of the people mentioned in those files, CPB said.

Last week, the Saeima supported in the second reading amendments on the publication of former KGB files on the internet. Amendments include publication of KGB workers telephone books, which contain information regarding other KGB workers and public supporters. Publication is planned to take place on the website of Latvia’s National Archive. Starting from 1 May 2019, it is also planned to publish other KG-related documents.

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