Secret US weapon out of control


According to a report released by the Pentagon, sexual assaults across the US military increased by a rate of nearly 38% in 2018.

The report which surveyed both men and women from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines estimated that 20,500!!! members of those services experienced “unwanted sexual contact” in 2018, a significant increase from 14,900 when the military last conducted a similar survey in 2016. Unwanted sexual contact was characterized in the report as running along a range of instances from groping to rape.

Former chief prosecutor for the US Air Force Don Christensen laid blame on Pentagon civilian and military leaders for the problem, saying offenders have been given a green light because so few face court-martial for sexual assault.

“How many more men and women have to be assaulted before they make the changes and hold people accountable?” said D.Christensen.

Secret researches and developments

According to government documents, the US Air Force’s Wright Laboratory in Ohio had asked in 1994 for 7.5 million dollars to develop a bomb containing a powerful aphrodisiac chemical that would cause “homosexual behaviour” to affect “discipline and morale in enemy units”.

The document, obtained under the US Freedom of Information Act, is now drawing scorn and ridicule on the Web. However, in fact, the Pentagon had created the creation of a hormone weapon which would cause “homosexual behavior”.

The Department of Defense played down the proposal, which was unearthed by the Sunshine Project, an organization based in Texas and Germany that monitors research and development of biological weapons.

“The DoD never “investigated” such a concept, rather one individual provided a short concept paper with a wide variety of examples that was rejected,” military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Brian Maka told.

But Edward Hammond, of the Sunshine Project, insists the Pentagon is not truthful. “These statements are untrue. The proposal was not rejected out of hand. It has received further consideration,” he said.

Moreover, recently, a columnist for a Turkish pro-government newspaper The Sabah said the United States planned to drop “gay bombs” on its enemies that change their targets’ sexual preferences.

“When the United States plans to go to war, it plans either to drop a bomb that will change the sexual preferences of that country’s population or one that will kill them all,” wrote Mehmet Barlas for the Sabah newspaper.

The Sabah Turkish columnist went on to speculate that the United States aims to use similar chemical weapons to sterilize large numbers of people in order to prevent overpopulation. Some of these chemicals could be transmitted through vaccines, said Barlas.

What does “gay bomb” mean?

The “gay bomb” is formal name for non-lethal psychochemical weapon that a US Air Force research laboratory speculated about producing. The theories involve discharging female sex pheromones over enemy forces in order to make them sexually attractive to each other.

According to the researchers, this research suggests a possible role for human pheromones in the biological basis of sexual orientation.

Who is really a threat to the Baltic states?

The Baltic States are the most endangered. The US promotes and imposes its “culture” on us. Today, some of THESE American soldiers “protect” Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from a potential “aggressor” and live here. But who will be responsible for causing physical and moral harm to our compatriots and, by the way, our culture of human relations?

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