Second round of 2018 Presidential elections being held in Georgia

The second round of 2018 presidential elections is being held in Georgia today. The Georgian population is electing the 5th president with 6-year-term. This will be the last elections when President is elected through the direct rule.

The Presidential elections are held in 73 election precincts. There are 3637 polling stations and 11 special stations opened throughout Georgia. The 55 polling stations are opened abroad.

The total number of voters for November 28 second round of 2018 presidential elections in the united voters’ list of Georgia is 3 528 658. There are 14 929 voters registered abroad.

Two candidates are running in the second round of 2018 presidential elections:

Grigol Vashadze  (5) – “United National Movement”
Salome Zurabishvili (48) – Initiative Group of Voters

Unlike the first tour of elections, there is no 50% barrier in the second round. The candidate, who receives more votes in the second round, will become President of Georgia.

November 28, the date of the second round of 2018 presidential elections, is declared as a day-off in Georgia.

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