Saeima supports «opening KGB bag» in the final reading

A number of Concord deputies, as well as one representative of the Union of Greens and Farmers – Armands Krauze – abstained in the vote. UGF member Arvīds Ulme voted against the publication of KGB files. It should be added that four Concord members voted in favour of amendments.

Now President Raimonds Vējonis will have to decide on the law’s announcement.

Files of Latvian KBG office will be made publicly accessible for research at Latvia’s National Archive. Part of them will be published on the archive’s official website.

To improve the opportunity for residents to study consequences of Latvia’s occupation period, the National Archive will make it possible to access several KGB files on its website this year, as amendments require it. The Cabinet of Ministers will establish the order for residents’ access of files published on the website of Latvian National Archive.

The files planned to be published this year will include KGB officials’ phone books, registry of freelance agents, the agency’s statistical information and alphabetic database. Later on it is planned to publish other files associated with KGB activity in Latvia.

Amendments to the law state that personal data of KGB agents and officials associated with KGB, including information regarding their ethnic background, membership in political organizations, trade unions and religion belief will be published in full.

KGB files are part of national documentary heritage that should be passed on for storage as undivided whole to be made publicly accessible for research in Latvian National Archive, as noted by authors of the legislative draft.

Law amendments state that KGB files that do not contain information regarding victims and third persons who are not KGB agents, informants or officials associated with KGB will be accessible in the National Archive without restrictions.

Persons requesting access to information from Latvian National Archive are responsible for the use of this information, including personal data.

President Raimonds Vējonis, who is to decide on the announcement of this law, had previously said he supports publication of KGB files. Saeima had made the decision regarding the ‘opening of KGB bag’ in 2014. «The most important matter is the way it is done. It is important to make sure information provided to society and the way it is published is correct and serves society’s common interests,» said the president.

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