Saeima supports government’s decision to extend state of emergency in Riga


On Thursday, 5 December, Saeima agreed with the government’s decision to extend the state of emergency with waste management in Riga’s administrative territory until 12 March 2020, as reported by the Saeima’s press-service.

The order from the Cabinet of Ministers provides for maintaining the state of emergency and making Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry as the institution responsible for coordination of activities, as well as making it a duty for Riga City Council to reach an agreement with waste management companies that previously signed contracts are to remain in force for as long as the state of emergency.

The order states that household waste generators or managers will be applied with waste management fee in accordance with the actual managed household waste volume.

The order also states conditions within specific administrative territories are to remain unchanged for service providers after 11 December 2019, the parliament explains.

Additionally, Riga City Council is to ensure waste generators and managers are provided with objective and full information about the order within which household waste management is to be performed within Riga’s administrative territory.

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