Saeima completes annual foreign policy debate

Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs (New Unity) started proceedings, noting that it is exactly one year since the government of Prime Minister Krisjānis Kariņš took power.

“The purpose of Latvia’s foreign policy has not changed: to strengthen Latvia’s security and prosperity by making use of the proximity of the European Union and the stability, security and predictability of this important region.”

Following him to the podium was Saeima Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Rihards Kols (National Alliance) who drew particular attention to the threat that important international organizations ran the risk of being undermined if they did not insist upon their members all adhering to and upholding the same rules.

“There are issues that are worth addressing only in the context of multilateral cooperation – climate change, migration control, arms and weapons of mass destruction control, cyberspace protection,” said Kols.

“In addition to a secure and internationally rules-based environment, Latvia also needs good foreign economic policy, whose goals and priorities still need to be clearly defined as measurable criteria,” said Kols.

Several hours of debate followed with deputies pointing out what they considered to be the necessary priorities or deficiencies, but the debate does not require any parliamentary vote to be taken and once everyone had had their say, Saeima turned back to its legislative business. 


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