Russian nuclear power plant to be towed through Gulf of Finland

In a move that has caused concern in Estonia, Finland and other Nordic Countries, Russia plans to tow a floating nuclear power plant, the Akademik Lomonosov, from the port of St. Petersburg through the Baltic and North Seas to Murmansk with it journey planned to begin on Friday, April 20.

Estonian public broadcaster ERR reported on Wednesday, April 18, citing Are Piel from the Estonian Maritime Administration, that the ship has only limited maneuvering ability, requiring others in maritime traffic to give way to it.

Estonian Police and Border Guard has stated that it will closely monitor Lomonosov’s movements in the Gulf of Finland and according to the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, Russia has noted that the Lomonosov will be travelling without nuclear fuel on it.

The towable, 144-metre-long platform that houses a power station, would in time have a capacity of 70 MW is scheduled to reach the north-western Russian port of Murmansk on May 20.

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