Russian model faces charges after letting ‘youths’ fondle her breasts’


A Russian model recently released from jail after ‘offering traffic cops a threesome to turn a blind eye to her motoring offence’ faces fresh charges after letting men fondle her breasts during a topless protest.

Kira Mayer posed topless while wearing a police uniform and invited ‘underage’ boys to fondle her breasts on the street.

The 24-year-old Instagram star claimed she was protesting about her treatment over the incident that saw her sentenced to 18 months in a Russian prison for driving without a licence and attacking a police officer.

In her latest bizarre stunt, she posed in police uniform on the streets of Moscow with a male blogger called Alexander Dogonyaev.

The pair accused men of various bogus misdemeanours relating to drugs and threatened to fine them on the spot.

Then she displayed her naked breasts and asked the men if they wanted to touch her.

They declined but she was later seen on the street again inviting unidentified teenage boys to touch her.

Three were filmed enthusiastically taking part in the prank in the snow-covered streets. One even rubbed his hands together to warm them up before going in for a feel.

Her bizarre stunts were part of a campaign to claim that police were corrupt, she indicated.

But now she risks returning to jail for ‘corruption of minors’ and action over wearing a police uniform without authority, say reports in Russia.

Mayer can expect a fine for wearing a police uniform but ‘she can get far more serious problems’ for involving ‘underage boys’, said Vesti television news.

It is planned to open a criminal case over the corruption of minors’, said the report.

Hue news outlet said police are now studying the videos.

Amid the media outcry in Russia she issued an ‘apology’ for her ‘prank’ protest.

In a recent interview she claimed that in the incident that led to her earlier jailing, police had stopped her because ‘they wanted to extort my money’.

She admitted she went ‘hysterical’ she was detained for driving her Mercedes while banned on the way to a manicure.

She accused police of leaking a fake claim she offered sex after she told officers: ‘I am a public figure.’

Mayer claimed a traffic policeman Googled her then vowed: ‘You will get your popularity, I’ll arrange this for you.’

She alleged police ‘all are fraudsters’.

‘I had PMS, I was upset, and stressed,’ she said. ‘I had been driving for nine months [while banned] and no one caught me before this.’

During the incident last May Mayer grabbed the officer’s report then scratched and kicked them as she flew into a rage, even grabbing documents from the officer and trying to drive away from the scene.

Earlier it was reported the social media star offered sex ‘solo or duet’ in an attempt to avoid charges, according to law enforcement sources cited by Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The policemen ‘declined her offer and detained her’, it was reported.

Mayer was meant to be serving a 15-month driving ban issued last November when she left the scene of an accident.

She was released after serving some five months of an 18 month sentence.

The model claimed she was ‘resented’ in jail for her looks and another inmate spilled boiling water on her breasts.

After she was arrested, Mayer closed her Instagram account which had 148,000 followers for her often provocative pictures and videos.

She was a frequent visitor to Dubai and Paris where she was photographed.,

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