Russian fighter jet intercepts US surveillance plane over Baltic Sea

A Russian fighter jet and a US surveillance plane have come disturbingly close as they flew through international airspace.

The Russian Su-27 jet reportedly performed an “unprofessional” but not unsafe interception of a US Navy P8-plane, coming within 20 feet of the US aircraft, defence officials told CNN.

American pilots have said they never felt threatened when the Russian fighter jet flew so close over the Baltic Sea.

The Navy has declined to confirm details of the incident as it is a standing policy to not release details of safe interactions.

It’s not the first time Russia has flown so close to a US plane – a Russian jet last intercepted an American plane over the Black Sea in January.

A US EP-3 Aries plane was flying in international airspace when it was intercepted by a Russian Sukhov SU-27 fighter jet.

US military officials deemed that interception “unsafe” however Russian Defence Ministry blamed the US plane for flying too close to Russian airspace.

Russia reportedly has previously used close flybys to make a point about its discomfort with American military planes flying over Syria and the Baltic and Black Seas.

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