Russian fighter intercepts US spy plane in new Baltic encounter

Two US spy planes flying over the Baltic Sea triggered the scrambling of a Russian jet in the latest tense encounter in the strategically sensitive waters.

The US aircraft flew close to the Russian enclave and naval base of Kaliningrad on Saturday, according to the Mil Radar – a military plane-spotter’s Twitter account.

One of the aircraft was reportedly intercepted by a Su-27 fighter.

A US Air Force RC-135V electronic surveillance plane and a US Navy P-8A Poseidon patrol aircraft were reportedly involved in the incident.

The P-8A Poseidon was reportedly “intercepted” by a Russian Su-27 fighter, but neither Russian or US officials would comment.

The RC-135V is thought to have flown from a NATO base in the UK while the Poseidon operated from an airfield in Estonia.

Tensions in the Baltic Sea between Russia and NATO have seen a number of incidents.

Kaliningrad is a Russian province wedged between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has become a geographically isolated Russian province and a vital naval base.

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