Russia to perform OSCE Armament Control Inspection in Latvia

Over the course from 20th to 23rd November, officers of Russian armed forces will be performing Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe armament control inspection in Latvia, as confirmed by Defence Ministry.

During the inspection Russian officers will visit Riga, Ādaži and Latvia’s central parts to ensure no military drills are organized on specific territories that would have to be reported to other OSCE member states and check if the actual situation with the military complies with annually reported information, the ministry reports.

Latvia’s Defence Ministry notes that in accordance with OSCE quotas, Latvia is required to host one assessment visit and three armament control inspections every year. So far, Belarus is the only country to have performed an armament control inspection in Latvia this year.

Other OSCE member states also perform armament control inspections in Latvia, the ministry adds.

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