Russia: New U.S. sanctions based on false pretence

Reacting to new U.S. sanctions imposed for possible hacking and illegal oil products supply to North Korea, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov commented the measures were groundless and promised a response from the Russian government.

Canadian-British news agency Reuters reported on Tuesday, August 21, that in a statement, available on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website, he also said the sanctions were introduced based on a «false pretence».

Washington on Tuesday put in place sanctions on two Russians, one Russian company and one Slovakian firm for what the U.S. stated were their actions to help another Russian company avoid sanctions over the country’s malicious cyber-related activities.

The U.S. government also stated it imposed sanctions on two Russian shipping firms and six vessels it found were involved in the transfer of refined petroleum products to North Korean vessels in breach of U.N. restrictions.

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