Romania expected to propose Siegfried Muresan for European Commissioner


After weeks of stalemate, the President of Romania is expected to propose MEP Siegfried Muresan to become the country’s European Commissioner.

Apart from the United Kingdom, whose member status is in flux, Romania was the only member state missing to file a name for the new EU executive.

On Monday, the new National Liberal Party government took office and several sources explain that the executive will nominate Muresan to be its new Commissioner. Muresan is also the Vice-Chair of the European People’s Group.

If he is accepted, President-elect Ursula von der Leyen will not keep her promise to have the first gender-balanced college.

Ioan Mircea Pașcu, the 70-year-old former Romanian defence minister, was set to fill-in as commissioner for Corina Crețu, who quit over the summer to become an MEP.

But in September, Pașcu wrote on Facebook that Romania’s ambassador to the EU had told him that she had received instruction to revoke his candidacy. Later, a spokesperson for the Romanian representation to the EU confirmed in an email to Euronews that the nomination had been withdrawn.

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