Rising Covid-19 cases overwhelm contact-tracing capabilities in Vilnius

Lithuania’s National Public Health Centre (NVSC) has urged people in Vilnius to self-isolate and trace their close contacts as soon as testing positive for Covid-19.

Health officials have been overwhelmed with the growing number of coronavirus cases and are facing delays in tracing contacts of those infected, according to the NVSC.

Close contacts are considered those who have been in touch with the infected person within three days of the first symptoms appearing, and within two weeks after they have first appeared.

The same applies to asymptomatic cases – 72 hours before a person has been confirmed infected with the coronavirus, and within 14 days after receiving the positive test result.

A high-risk contact is considered if someone has been in touch with an infected person for longer than 15 minutes at a distance of less than two metres, or coming into physical contact, like shaking hands.

The same applies to anyone who had been in contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person, like being sneezed on, according to the NVSC.

A person is also considered at a high risk of infection if they have spent more than 15 minutes inside a closed space with an infected person, but only if the necessary safety have not been followed – for example, people have not been wearing facemasks, according to the NVSC.


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