Riigikogu speaker: Estonia will continue to support Georgia

President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor (SDE) attended events celebrating the centennial of Georgia on Saturday. Nestor stressed Estonia’s support for the country, its territorial integrity, and its close ties with the European Union.

Nestor said that relations between Georgia and Estonia are very good and close. “We appreciate the achievements of Georgia highly, and wish the 100-year-old state prosperity and success on its way to the European Union,” Nestor said in a Saturday press release.

“We support our good friend Georgia in its reforms by sharing our experience of open elections and developing of e-government,” he added.

Nestor believes that Georgia’s visa freedom with the European Union is an important landmark in the country’s political and economic integration with the EU. In his opinion, it is also important to continue to work to achieve Georgian NATO membership.

“Estonia supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, and continues to do everything in its power to ensure that the problems of the occupied territories of Georgia are not forgotten by the international community when other crises emerge,” Nestor said.

Georgia has invited the heads of state and government and the speakers of parliaments of different countries to its 100th anniversary celebrations in Tbilisi. Nestor participated in a roundtable discussion at the Georgian parliament and attended celebratory events in the afternoon and evening.

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