Rīga woman celebrates 110th birthday

On Monday, September 7, the oldest Rīga resident, Jeļizaveta Kolakucka celebrated her 110th birthday, according to information released by Rīga municipality.

Jeļizaveta Kolakucka was born on September 7, 1910 in Tsarist Russia, but in 1946 she moved to Rīga to work in the “Aurora” sock factory, where she started in the workshop and was still working as a laundry manager at the age of 80.

She is cared for by family members, with a god-daughter attributing her long life to a healthy start saying: “I can’t be sure but probably it is genetic, and likely also because she was born and raised in nature, spending her youth in the fresh air.”

On her birthday, Jeļizaveta received a greeting from the Riga City Council and a special 150 euro grant given to all Riga’s centenarians. In 2019, 75 Rigans received this benefit, while in the first eight months of 2020, 68 Rigans received it.


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