Riga Food 2019 brings together food professionals from 60 countries

From 4 to 7 September, the Baltic’s most important food industry event, Riga Food 2019, will bring together industry professionals from all over the world –700 companies from 30 countries will attend the exhibition and professional visitors from 60 countries have registered to visit this event.

With Riga Food becoming more and more interesting to foreign professionals every year, both the programme of events and the exhibition’s B2B capabilities are highly appreciated. Most often, professionals indicate new contacts and information acquisition as well as actual procurement as the objectives of an exhibition visit. Chains of stores from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia show interest, too,” tells Rolands Nežborts, a Riga Food manager.

For the first time, Riga Food will be attended by companies from Bashkortostan, the UK, Tula and Altai regions of Russia, and Romania! This year, the exhibition will offer 13 national expositions of Belarus, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Estonia, Italy, Mexico, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, Ukraine and the Bashkortostan, Tula and Altai regions of Russia.

Latvia’s national exposition will present foods of 22 companies – Almarini, Aloja Starkelsen, Dimdiņi, Ādaži Meat House, Kronis, Lat Eko Food, LKOM, Jaunpils Dairy, Mosenc, Perfecto, Skrīveru saldumi, Top Food, Valežs, Very Berry and members of the Latvian Bakers’ Society: N. Bomis bakery, Lielezers, Dona, Flora bakery, Hanzas maiznīca, Lāči, Saldus bakery, LPB Priekule bakery and Puratos. In the Riga Food Hall of Latvia’s Regions hall, Latvian municipalities, small and medium-sized enterprises and home producers will present gastronomic benefits and culinary heritage of the Latvian regions.

Apart from the vast exhibition, Riga Food will offer chef, bartender, tea master competitions, exciting shows, educational seminars, business appointments, presentations, tastings and many other educational and inspirational events. Riga Food 2019 programme: www.bt1.lv/rigafood/visit.php#events

The official opening of Riga Food 2019 will take place on 4 September at 11.00 in the conference room No. 3, while at 12.30, all stakeholders will be welcome to attend the opening of the Bashkortostan exposition.

Yummiest honey, bread and dairy products to receive awards
In order to promote the importance of milk, bread and honey in nutrition, as well as to show how many different healthy products Latvian companies and technologists produce, the winners of high-quality food competitions will be awarded on September 4, shortly after the Riga Food 2019 opening ceremony. “Even though bread is one of the oldest foods, it is changing along with consumer trends becoming more and more diverse both in terms of nutritional and health effect and its use. This year, the slogan of the competition is “Healthy bread for a modern consumer”, tells Gita Duka, an executive director of the Latvian Bakers’ Society.

New – “Best Beer Cocktail 2019”
On September 4, at 12.00, the “Best Beer Cocktail 2019” competition will take place for the first time in Riga Food. Participants will have to develop a new recipe of a beer cocktail, using beer produced in Latvia as a base beverage. “We want to show that beer produced in Latvia can also be used to make original and tasty cocktails,” explains Daiga Skrimble, a chairperson of Alus fans.

Industrial IOT solutions in the food industry
To make the representatives of food business familiar with the IOT system and IOT solutions for improving production processes, a seminar “Industrial Internet of Thing: what it is and how it can be used in the food and beverage industry?” will be held on 4 September at 12.00 in the conference room 1.

Master Chef Competition
On 4 September at 14.00, six experienced chefs – Lauris Aleksejevs, Raimonds Zommers, Valters Zirdziņš, Māris Jansons, Jānis Zvirbulis, Ingmārs Ladigs – will compete for the title of Latvian Master Chef. “People often complain that only young chefs compete in the chefs’ competitions. This time, therefore, it will be an exciting battle between five great masters. I call on everyone not to miss this great opportunity and watch an exciting show!” tells Svetlana Riškova, a chairperson of the Latvian Chefs’ Club.

International brokerage event for food companies and research institutions
Riga Food 2019 International Brokerage Event will take place on 5 September at 11.00. Entrepreneurs and scientists will sit at one table with potential partners from Latvia, the EU countries and other exhibition member states to discuss export, import, development of new products, commercialisation, technology transfer, development of joint research projects. Register by 2 September: https://riga-food-2019-brokerage.b2match.io/

Latvian chefs to compete for Bocuse d’Or!
On September 5 at 10.00, Dinārs Zvidriņš, Artūrs Taškans, Juris Latišenoks, three young, talented and well-known Latvian chefs, who have accepted the challenge, will compete to qualify for the semi-finals of Bocuse d’Or, the world’s most prestigious chefs’ competition. The winner of Latvia’s national selection will enter into the history as the first chef from Latvia participating in Bocuse d’ Or. Come and support your favourites!

Ideas that add value to food industry
On 5 September, all stakeholders are invited to watch presentations of ideas at Innovation Prize Demo Day to be held at 15.00 in the Hall I. Submitted ideas cover such fields as production optimisation solutions, new packaging, food additives, food lines etc.. The two authors of the most valuable ideas will receive a grant – €10,000 for the first-place winner and €5000 for the second-place winner.

Come and get ideas!
The visitors of Riga Food 2019 will have an opportunity to not only watch different shows and competitions, but also to engage in activities, learn, get inspiration and taste a variety of products. Visiting the exposition of Riga Technical School of Tourism and Creative Industry, everyone will be able to participate in the sandwich making marathon “Sandwich Unites!”. In Akmeņlauzis exposition, visitors will be welcome to test their skills in making cocktails using one of 11 types of Akmeņlauzis. On 5 September at 12.00 in the stand of Latvijas Maize, a fitness model and trainer Anita Pužule will dissolve stereotypes about eating bread daily. Come to find out how to be active, do what you like without giving up bread!

Riga Food is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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