Remains of about 40 people excavated during roadworks in Rīga

Experts say that the remains found during repair works at the Brasas bridge in Rīga are of Russian Army soldiers, who had been patients at the nearby Rīga Military Hospital. While the burial ground does not have identification markings, it is now clear that the Brasas bridge was built over part of the Rīga Garrison Cemetery, reported Latvian Radio July 26.

People’s remains were found at the location in May and works have been interrupted since, with traffic over the bridge remaining limited to one lane.

Tālis Ešmits, head of the Leģenda organization looking for soldiers’ remains, said that the only mark of identification they have been able to find is buttons for military bandages used during Tsarist Russia. Therefore it’s likely that the people buried there had been soldiers stationed at the hospital across the bridge.

Ešmits thinks that the soldiers had been buried here in the late 19th or early 20th-century, as WWI burials are situated deeper within the Miķeļa cemetery.

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