Rehearsal of world war is coming

The leaders of the Baltic countries have been carrying out large-scale militarization of the region under the pretext of protection against the Russian threat over the past few years. NATO Warsaw Summit participants decided in June 2016 to deploy multinational battle groups in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

However, the leaders of these countries continued to make requests to strengthen NATO’s presence even after the transfer of the Alliance’s military forces. In addition, the national armed forces of the Baltic republics regularly purchase expensive military equipment from their allies and organize military exercises on their territory.

The militarization that we see is large-scaled and massive for such small countries as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In other words, the U.S. and NATO are actively mastering the future theater of operations in the Baltic states. Military infrastructure is being created and modernized (military bases, airfields, ports, transport routes), various schemes for the quick redeployment of U.S. troops to the Baltic countries are being developed. The warehouses of weapons and military equipment are increasing in number.

At the same time, the military and government structures of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia tend to exaggerate the scale of threats from the East.

The Baltic military and politicians have reasons for such actions. Thus, they demonstrate the usefulness of the Baltic countries for the EU and NATO. In addition, this is a great opportunity to bargain for foreign aid and increase the size of defense budgets.

Apparently, the dynamic activity of Alliance and especially investments in the transport infrastructure show that the process of militarization of Eastern Europe is a long-term trend.

Unfortunately, politicians do not understand that such actions make a military conflict in the Baltic region quite possible. For the United States, this is the most acceptable option for the sort things out with a long-standing rival (Russia) – Washington is always ready to start war on foreign territory.

Assuming that major powers enter the conflict, three small republics will become the battlefield. And they will not survive. It would seem that it is unprofitable to escalate the situation in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, but politicians see the situation differently.

At the beginning of this year, the largest NATO military exercise Defender Europe is planned. It should be attended by 37 thousand soldiers from 18 countries.

These maneuvers are the largest since 1991. We are talking about the transfer of such contingents, which from the point of view of military art will lead to redeployment of Russian armed forces close to the borders of the Baltics. It looks like the U.S. prepares for real combat operations directly at the borders of Russia.

Apparently, this is a provocation. Provocation that could turn into a war between nuclear countries…

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