Regional reform: three municipalities in Latvia proposed to be united in one


Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry’s developed map of Latvian municipalities will include Ulbroka municipalities, which will consist of Stopiņi, Garkalne and Ropaži municipalities, as well as the city of Vangaži, the ministry reports.

After consulting with 114 municipalities, the ministry developed and sent for approval a conceptual report on administrative territorial reform.

Looking at dynamics of population growth, mobility and service habits, as well as looking at alternative proposals, the ministry has changed its initial municipal division in Pieriga.

The new model offers forming a new municipality in Pieriga – Ulbroka municipality with an administrative centre in Ulbroka, uniting Ropaži, Stopiņi and Garkalne into one and also including the city of Vangaži, which was initially planned to be included in Sigulda municipality. The ministry has estimated that the newly-formed municipality will have around 29 500 residents.

Changes will also apply to Salaspils. Initially it was planned to add both Ropaži and Stopiņi to this municipality. This meant the new municipality would have around 40 000 residents. In the new offer, however, Salaspils remains unchanged and its total population reaches 22 700.

Changes will also affect Ādaži, which will lose Garkalne based on the new offer. It is planned that Ādaži will include Carnikava, Ādaži, Sēja and Saulkrasti. The total population planned is around 28 800. Ādaži will be the administrative centre of the new municipality. The new municipality will have around 36 100 residents after this reform.

The new territorial model provides for reducing the number of municipalities from 119 to 36.
The conceptual report also includes justifications behind the reform, possible risks, a report on consultations with municipalities, as well as a new redaction of the Administrative Territories Law and information regarding necessary financial resources.

Additionally, to form a basic impression for the possible duties and range of responsibilities of the new municipalities, the report details a list.

The document has been sent to Finance Ministry, Justice Ministry, Cross-sectoral Coordination Centre and Latvian Union of Local Governments for approval.

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