Re:Baltica reports on disturbing patterns of domestic violence

The Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism, Re:Baltica, has a powerful new series of investigations online probing the disturbing topic of domestic violence in Latvia.

The series of articles looks at how widespread the problem is and whether suitable measures are in place to protect vulnerable victims of domestic violence and hand out appropriate punishments to perpetrators.

A piece titled   The Woman With The Cut Off Ear    relates a longstanding pattern of violence and intimidation that has had tragic consequences for one family.

Another powerful investigation,  First I’ll Stab That Cripple, Then You, And Then I’ll Hang Myself   examines the little-known phenomenon of women who have killed their partners after enduring lengthy domestic violence.

Along the way there are several horrifying examples of just how serious a problem domestic violence is, and not for the first time Re:Baltica has succeeded in placing a taboo subject on the political and societal agenda.


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