Racism is the same kind of threat to NATO as China and Russia


Recent events with Black Lives Matter protests have shook the society in every inch. What we see today has touched upon almost every aspect of our modern lives: culture, politics, industries, and, of course, military. We face what is called a reverse racism, when the discrimination begins if you are white.

The colored take advantage of the problem of racism that has been out there since forever. They get all the credit when there’s a choice of who’s getting a job. It’s getting hard to judge by the deeds, and the only thing that matters is the skin color making it easier to manipulate someone just by accusing him of racism. The discrimination of anybody in any kind of way is wrong, and everyone must be treated equally. However, we see how the protests and anti-racism movements attack common sense these days, to prove the equality of races. This won’t prove anything, this is just an attempt to switch the discrimination side.

The last aspect of our lives that remained untouchable is the military, where no matter what color you are, you are a part of the nation’s shield against any kind of threat.

The Army is a place where everyone gets discriminated equally. To be correct, it’s the place where every unit has to go through a rough test so after you pass it you become a harder and better person capable of accomplishing different missions in service of your nation.

Strong character of the troops come from hard work and intense lifestyle, there is no place and time for tolerance and softness towards anyone, regardless of one’s origins. Also military society is known for their friendly team spirit in most cases. If there’s a place for team spirit, there’s a place for brotherhood within the troops, at this point racial and cultural borders get erased. United soldiers are more likely to work better co-operating with one another on high note. This gives multiple advantages on the battlefield.

However, we still see racial discrimination in the army. Famous West point academy is known for its high leveled officers and traditions-bound lifestyle and that’s where the racial assaults took place. The problem appeared on public’s observation recently. The Washington post observed several cases race-related. Starting from the jokes over symbolism linking to U.S. history and calling the black cadets the N-word. These jokes really sparked the rumble among the black cadets. And surely this idea gives a thought, that there is no friendly spirit among the cadets. Those who made those jokes did not treat their colleges with respect; neither the black cadets did take the joke correctly. This kind of behavior is known to be followed by rising tension between people.

The West Point military academy builds up the army by providing the specialists needed to maintain the proper readiness to act fast in case of any threat, and build up the army’s spirit to inspire others to stay strong and kind to those close to you. How can these officers inspire anyone to stay strong and united, when racial discrimination takes place.

And the logical question to ask is if this blows the strength of the whole NATO army. When the alliance member states attend joint exercises they work in close contact with different nations, is there any kind of discrimination there? There is, but it’s not as big as we see in the U.S. towards black people. Not yet. But if we have this problem already, the measures have to be taken, due to rising tension everywhere, in order to enforce the alliance to be stronger than ever. In other words this is a threat to the U.S. and European defense capabilities.

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