R. Lopata: it could appear that we have become a presidential republic

Lithuanian foreign policy is weakened by the fact that all the powers of its formation and implementation are focused in one location – the institution of the president, while its other centres – the cabinet and Seimas are passive, political scientist Raimundas Lopata tells lrt.lt. “Lithuania is a unique country, whose prime ministers do not go to Brussels. It could appear to some that Lithuania has become a presidential republic,” the professor is quoted by lrt.lt.

When asked, where he would travel for his first official visit as president, General Jonas Žemaitis Lithuanian War Academy Science Centre director dr. N. Statkus answers without hesitation – to Riga and to Warsaw as second. The first visit being to Latvia, the expert believes, would be the most neutral politically and most understandable ethno culturally. Vytautas Magnus University Political Science and Diplomacy Department dean, professor Šarūnas Liekis would choose Washington because with the world security architecture changing, the USA remains Lithuania’s most important partner. “It isn’t to Riga that you would go for negotiations, such provinciality of ours… If not the USA, then we must try to speak with and convince the Germans – there are no other options,” the professor stated with certainty.

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