Putin in Austria urges for EU’s harmful sanctions to be lifted

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated during a visit to Austria that Western sanctions against Russia were harmful for everyone and it is in everyone’s interests to lift the measures Moscow has been targeted with after the illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea.

British public broadcaster BBC reports on Tuesday, June 5, the Russian President met with members of the Austrian government, which includes Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party, which has a cooperation agreement with Russia’s ruling party United Russia.

According to Putin Russia had restored stable growth, despite the European Union’s and U.S. sanctions imposed since 2014 and added: «These actions are harmful for everyone, both for those who initiate them and for those against whom they are directed. (..) Everybody has an interest in getting the sanctions lifted, us too».

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz stated that his country wished to act as a bridge between Moscow and the West; however, he said he would not break ranks within the EU on the sanctions issue.

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