Public services can soon be accessed using Smart-ID


The National Information System Authority (RIA) and SK-ID Solutions, a provider of Smart-ID solutions, signed a contract allowing the Smart-ID app to be used as an authentication tool in national e-services, earlier this week.

This is an important development in the central authentication service provided by RIA, the company said in a statement. 

Up until now, in Estonia, Smart-ID has been used predominantly for private sector services such as online banking and in only a few public e-services, such as tax and customs and business registry services.

Prior to the introduction of Smart-ID, the team considered that Smart-ID corresponds to a high level of electronic identification. This means the Smart-ID is equivalent to using an ID card. In 2018, Smart-ID was recognized as QSCD-level service, the highest possible level in the EU.

There are more than 450,000 Smart-ID and 230,000 Mobile-ID users in Estonia. At least 800,000 people use the ID-card electronically twice a year.

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