Protesters picket Danish embassy in Rīga over extradition case

As  previously reported by LSM, Misāne faces being extradited to South Africa to face potential serious charges of child abduction, document forgery and fraud after she fled the country with her children, claiming she was escaping from a violent partner.

She was detained at Copenhagen airport while in transit in December 2018 and has been held in Denmark ever since while extradition proceedings have continued.

LTV reporter Vita Anstrate was at the scene of the demonstration and listened to participants expressing the hope that Misāne could be returned to Latvia to serve a sentence instead of being sent to South Africa where, they said, the prison system was far more brutal.

Kristīne’s sister addressed those present, thanking them for attending.

“Kristīne is my only sister, whom I love dearly, and I know she is a loving mother who cares for her children, but faces the prospect of being separated from them for years,” she said.

“Now we have just one chance left – to ask the kingdom of Denmark to listen to our request. I urge them to think carefully about the step they are taking with regard to the citizen of a fellow European Union member state citizen.”

“Please do not hand Kristīne over to the South African legal system,” she said.

No-one emerged from the Danish Embassy to speak with the picketers and embassy representatives repeatedly declined to comment to LTV.


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