Prosecutor general: Danske court case leak did not originate in Estonia

A recent leak of court information concerning the trial of two former Danske employees charged with money laundering did not originate in Estonia, Prosecutor General Andres Parmas says.

Parmas told Vikerraadio’s “Uuudis ” show Friday that: “”This information, which has come to the attention of the media, did not do so as a leak from the Estonian authorities or people, working here, but from outside the country.”

The leak appeared in the Italian and Danish media as well as in Estonia, and a defense lawyer for the accused says that pending trial cannot now take place, as there is no chance of a fair hearing.

Parmaas rejects this and says a fair trial is still possible.

“I do not see any reason today why, in the light of this data leak or in the light of the newspaper report, the Danske procedure as a whole should be scrapped. In my opinion, a fair trial is entirely possible and we intend to work towards that,” Parmas said.

As to which country was the source of the leak, Parmas said that speculation was not wise until the circumstances were clear.

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