Latvian Prime Minister: anti-corruption council to be created

In order to reinforce law and combat corruption in Latvia, a special Council chaired by the Prime Minister will be set up, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (New Unity) told Latvian Radio August 10.

The Prime Minister stressed that the government had previously managed to cope with a “very difficult situation” in the financial sector, as Latvia has been threatened to enter the so-called “black” or “grey” list. At the time, a special Council dedicated to this issue was set up under the leadership of the Prime Minister, bringing together all the branches of power and sorting out the financial sector.

A similar challenge is also linked to the need to strengthen the rule of law and anti-corruption measures. The Council will look for what needs to be improved in order to eradicate corruption in Latvia.

“Firstly, [find] what the system shortcomings are, why things are not going as fast as they should, and find solutions. Maybe somewhere there is a need for change in legislation, maybe a change of coordination and responsibility,” said Kariņš.


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