President Levits calls on people to be responsible and keep calm

President Egils Levits on Thursday called on people to be responsible, keep calm and take care as the government declared a state of emergency over the global coronavirus pandemic.

The president has released a video address in which he expresses confidence that if people follow the government-approved guidelines – Latvia will succeed in containing Covid-19.

As LETA observed, after the announcement of the state of emergency, some stores saw an increased inflow of shoppers who queued to buy food products and other essential goods. At the same time, no such rush could be seen in other stores.

There will no problems with food supplies in Latvia, Economics Minister Ralfs Nemiro (KPV LV) said on Latvian Radio today. The minister said that Latvia’s food producers reassured him at a meeting today that their capacity is sufficient to provide consumers with food products even if imports are suspended.

There are no grounds for concerns that Latvia could run out of food supplies, Nemiro said.

Representatives of grocery chains also told LETA earlier that they have sufficient food stocks at their disposal.

As reported, in an effort to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further in Latvia, the government on Thursday declared a state of emergency, setting a number of tough restrictions, officials informed after a government meeting.

The state of emergency is in force from today till April 14 with the aim to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The Health Ministry has been put in charge of coordinating other institutions’ efforts during the emergency.

During the state of emergency, government and municipal institutions have been instructed to consider providing their services remotely.

All educational institutions are being closed, and starting March 13, teaching will be organized remotely, except for centralized state exams.

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