PPA risk analysis: Influx of 3,000 foreigners would cause emergency

According to the results of a risk analysis drawn up by the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA), the situation in Estonia would reach emergency proportions if 3,000 or more foreigners arrived in the country in groups of dozens of people.

According to the PPA, an influx at such a scale could cause issues in the continuity of emergency care as a vital service.

In such a situation, PPA employees’ resources would likewise be exhausted, and the law enforcement agency would be unable to ensure law and order, putting people’s lives and wellbeing at risk.

This influx would also place a great burden on the capacities of as well as provision of services at detention and reception facilities.

In an emergency situation, the procedural load of courts as well as administrative bodies would increase, and additional staff would be needed in order to provide translation and healthcare services as well as ensure public order.

As a result, changes and additions will be made to norms in legislation in order to better cope with tasks that the state may face as a result of mass immigration.

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