Potential government partners disagree on serveral important issues

The potential government parties have no agreement on several significant issues, for example, on KPV LV proposal to grant security clearance to all parliament lawmakers automatically and on closed government meetings.

Aldis Gobzems (KPV LV), the prime minister nominated by the president, told the press after the meeting of parties that politicians today had not planned to reach any agreements, and will further discuss them in their factions.

Gobzems said that more than half of the lawmakers have been elected to the parliament for the first time and the long vetting process for granting clearance to access state secrets mean that they cannot be elected to a number of positions. Thus, this issue is related to a threat to democracy, said the politician.

Gobzems said that people should not worry about the proposal to make the government meetings closed because the decisions made by the government will be explained to journalists.

Meanwhile, potential cooperation partners are quite critical about these proposals. The National Alliance’s chairman Raivis Dzintars said that the party does not even consider a system that security clearance is automatically granted to all MPs. Dzintars said that the National Alliance trusts Latvia’s security institutions. Hes aid that the party values democracy, but it should be balanced with security interests.

The National Alliance does not support the proposal on closed government meetings, however, had it been the last matter of disagreement in government formation, compromise is possible.

New Unity’s politician Edgars Rinkevics was skeptical about KPV LV proposals. Hes aid that the current security clearance system is a balanced solution both regarding democracy and security.

Edgars Tavars, a representative of the Union of Greens and Farmers was not that categorical in his statements. He said that his party will not object to closed government meetings if decisions are properly explained, while the matter on security clearances still should be discussed.

For Development/For Juris Puce voiced clear objections to both proposals.

New Conservative Party (JKP) did not comment on the matter right after the meeting. The party’s chairman Janis Bordans later told LETA that JKP disagrees with both proposals.

Even though the opinions of the parties on the important matters differ, and it is not clear yet whether Gobzems himself will be granted security clearance needed to work with state secrets, none of the parties plan to leave the government formation talks.

Gobzems wishes for the parties to meet with President Raimonds Vejonis to discuss security clearance system and possible reforms. Politicians admit in informal talks that before this meeting any progress in the government formation talks is unlikely.

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