Political parties in Latvia reject New Conservative Party’s proposed government model

None of the political parties currently engaged in government-formation talks in Latvia have agreed to the government model offered by the New Conservative Party.

When asked about his position in relation to NCP’s offer, KPV LV co-chairman Artuss Kaimiņš said his political party will not comment announcements made by other parties. At the same time, he said NCP’s decision to present offered division of ministries was rushed, because he believes it is more important to first discuss tasks for the future government.

Kaimiņš and KPV LV prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems had previously criticized NCP’s offer and received support from more active members of their party, saying that ‘the government should not be formed over e-mail’, referencing the fact that NCP had sent its offer electronically.

Raivis Dzintars, co-chairman of the National Alliance ‘All for Latvia!’ – ‘For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK’, believes that following the rejection from Attīstībai/Par!, it is no longer possible to form a government that would meet the model proposed by NCP.

«If we look at it formally – NCP offered a model that is, according to Attīstībai/Par!, is no longer possible even in theory,» said Dzintars. He said this party has expressed a clear rejection to this specific government model. Nevertheless, the National Alliance is still prepared to continue talks with NCP.

On Monday, 15 October, Attīstībai/Par! announced that it would not accept NCP’s proposed government model. Additionally, this party has commenced talks with six other parties in relation to future tasks of the new government. In spite of the party’s rejection of NCP’s government model, the two parties agreed on Wednesday to continue mutual consultations.

New Unity is unable to say either yes or no to NCP’s offered model, because there are too many unanswered questions, said the party’s chairman Krišjānis Kariņš. New Unity, like other parties, believes it is necessary to first discuss tasks, not posts.

NCP’s prime minister candidate Jānis Bordāns said multiple times this week that talks progress the way the party had expected – work of the new government is discussed with participating parties.

As previously reported, NCP had presented a government model to other Saeima-elected parties last week. This offer included a division of posts in ministries. NCP proposed forming a five-party coalition without Harmony and Union of Greens and Farmers. In its proposed government model, NCP wants the seat of the prime minister, as well as Environment Protection and Interior Affairs ministries.

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