Political deal on Baltic electricity synchronisation due in late June

A highest-level political agreement on the synchronisation of the Baltic states’ power systems with that of Continental Europe is due in late June, Lithuania’s Ministry of Energy said after the countries’ commitments were confirmed in Brussels on Tuesday.
“At today’s meeting, all countries once again confirmed their strong commitment to the synchronisation project,” Minister of Energy spokesperson Aurelija VernickaitÄ— told BNS Lithuania. “It was agreed that a joint political agreement on the synchronisation of the Baltic states and the European energy networks by 2025 will be signed during the European Council in June.”

The European Council meeting is to take place on 28-29 June.

Tuesday’s meeting in Brussels took place in the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP) format.

Two final technical project studies were presented at a meeting in Brussels last week which focused on three different synchronisation options, including via one link, two links and the existing single link together with the DC sea cable between Poland and Lithuania.

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson (Centre) has expressed that Estonia is in favor of synchronisation via two LitPol links.

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