Polish press freedom reported to be still worsening

Press freedom in Poland under the rule of the Law and Justice party is said to continue to worsen as a case of uncovered police brutality has lead to prosecutors focusing on the reporter and his source, which he refuses to reveal.

Belgian EurActiv and Polish Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Friday, May 11, that reporter Wojciech Bojanowski from the Polish commercial channel TVN24 revealed in 2017 that police had repeatedly used an electroshock weapon against 25-year-old Igor Stachowiak in the Wrocław police station.

The repeated use of the weapon called Taser led to his death. A year onward, no member of police has been convicted, but Bojanowski has been detained and subsequently released as Polish prosecutors demand for the source of the information to be revealed, EurActiv and Gazeta Wyborcza wrote.

The media also reported that in Poland with its government and parliament ruled by the conservative Law and Justice party since 2015, over 200 people have been sacked from public media resulting in less critical reporting as regards the ruling party.

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