Polish president’s aircraft was destroyed by blast

According to a public report from investigators, the aircraft of Polish President Lech Kaczyński near Smolensk airfield in 2010 was destroyed by an explosion that occurred while it was still in the air.

The committee that investigates this disaster, in which then the President of Poland and all 95 passengers on board that flight had died, admits that it was not a pilot’s mistake that caused it.

According to the report, the aircraft’s left wing had exploded while it was 900 m away from Smolensk military airfield. Shortly after that, another explosion took place in its fuselage. Finally, the aircraft’s engines failed.

Members of the committee also claim Smolensk airfield flight control provided the pilots with wrong information for the landing.

The committee published its report on the next day after commemorative events in Poland.

Poland’s ruling party Law and Justice has dismissed the official investigation carried out during the term of the previous government.

In it, investigators concluded that the catastrophe was caused by a number of mistakes the pilots had made, as well as mistakes made by personnel of Smolensk airfield’s flight control tower.

Law and Justice decided to form its own investigative committee, which has concluded that the president’s aircraft was allegedly destroyed by an explosion and that Russian flight control personnel had supposedly misled the pilots about their location as the aircraft was nearing the runway.

In December 2017, then the Defence Minister of Poland Antonij Maćerevič officially blamed Russia for the catastrophe. He also claimed that the president’s aircraft was destroyed by two explosions.

In January, the investigative commission put together by Maćerevič announced the aircraft’s left wing was destroyed by an explosion.

The commission mentioned that the explosion had «several sources» from within the aircraft.


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